Exploring Chicago – Part Two

24 July, 2016

lincoln park chicago

The warmest day we had in Chicago, we knew we needed to spend as much time outdoors as possible to take advantage of the nice weather. So, we headed to the Lincoln Park neighborhood for lunch and to go to the (free) zoo! I loved the neighborhood. How cute is that street above? I wish Austin had streets like this.
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Exploring Chicago – Part One

21 July, 2016


So we’re gonna take a break from recipes to talk about our recent trip to Chicago!

Josh had been there before, many years ago, but it was my first time to visit the city. We thought that mid-May seemed like a pretty good time to go. It’s before the summer tourist season, and the weather would be pretty decent and not too cold, right? Wrong.
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Lemon Madeleines

14 July, 2016


There are two reasons I decided to whip up these lemon madeleines:

  1. Have you been watching The Great British Baking Show? I absolutely adore this show. I have to admit, not everything they make looks appetizing (I’m looking at you, Beetroot Black Forest Gateau), but some of the stuff looks so tasty. And it does put me in the mood to do a little baking myself. Immediately after I watched this past week’s show, I channeled the inner baker in me and started the batter for these cookie-cakes.
  2. The second, and most important reason, is that I recently came across the madeleine pan I bought several years ago (and never used…oops). I decided it was finally time to put it to use!

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Refreshing Watermelon Agua Fresca: Summertime in a glass

13 July, 2016


As a kid, whenever someone hauled out a watermelon I let out a disappointed sigh. It’s in our DNA to believe that anything red is going to be sweet, and anyone knows watermelons can’t hold their own with cherries, strawberries, or any fire engine red Kool Aid (“Ooohhh Yeahhh”) in a fructose fight.
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Breakfast, Snacks, Sweets

Six Ingredient Homemade Pop Tarts

8 July, 2016

homemade pop tarts

Let’s continue the easy recipes here on the blog this week! Making my own pop tarts is something I’ve been wanting to do since first spying them on Pinterest a few years ago. But they just always seemed SO complicated, so I never attempted the art of the pop tart.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. My office was having a breakfast potluck. I popped over to our Breakfast Pinterest board for ideas. I happened upon a photo of homemade pop tarts and decided that now is the time I would finally attempt to make them.
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Four Ingredient Lemonade Pie

5 July, 2016

lemonade pie

Okay, this recipe is almost TOO easy. You simply mix three of the ingredients together, put it in the pie shell, and chill. I can’t believe it always turns out as good as it does, because it seems too simple.

I’ve seen this recipe other places on the web, but I grew up eating this pie. My grandma would often make this pie as for a dessert with Sunday lunch. So to me, this is my grandma’s recipe and one that always reminds me of being at her house on Sundays.

Growing up, I actually didn’t like the pie filling that much. Sure, I liked it enough, but I liked the crust even more, with just a hint of the filling on there. So I would often scrape off most of the filling and eat the crust. Luckily, my sister and I discovered that she didn’t really like the crust, but loved the filling. She would eat her piece of pie, leaving the crust for me.
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