Coconut Oil Roasted Sweet Potatoes

21 October, 2016

coconut oil sweet potatoes

Guys, it’s getting a little cozy outside. As I’m typing this, my windows are open and a strong breeze is blowing. I feel like putting on some fuzzy socks. Oh, and it’s like 75 degrees out.

I know that seems like summer for a lot of you, but here in Austin, that means fall weather is here! This is SUCH a nice break from the 90-something degree days. And I know in a few days it will be so hot again, but for now, I’m going to pretend like fall is here to stay and I’m gonna eat all the fall foods I can. Starting with sweet potatoes.
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Austin, reviews

Kerbey Lane’s New Fall Menu

14 October, 2016

kerbey lane fall menu

Waaaay back in the day when Austin was a little, quiet college town, when good restaurants were few, and Rick Perry was just a governor with a dream to be on Dancing With The Stars, there was a 24-hour diner where all Austinites plopped into a padded booths to down enchiladas and pumpkin pancakes with a side of attitude. Kerbey Lane has been an Austin standard for decades, but has seen more competition since Austin’s food scene began blowing up in the last few years.
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Breakfast, Sweets

French Toast for Two

10 October, 2016

french toast for two

Losing a parent is hard. Today would have been my dad’s 68th birthday, but we lost him to cancer a little over six months ago. It was one of those situations where we found out he had was sick, and just over two weeks later, he was gone. So quick. And while I would have loved for him to live to be at least 90, I’m happy he did not suffer for too long and we got to say our goodbyes and be by his side a lot of those two weeks.
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Breakfast, Sweets

Mini Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts

4 October, 2016

pumpkin pie pop tarts

So I feel like we’ve been on a break. Sorry blog, it’s not you, it’s me.

Life was pretty busy the last few weeks. We had our air-conditioning vents replaced which placed our house in disarray, we were cat sitting for a neighbor, Josh was busy with a bunch of volunteer work, and then ACL happened. But finally, FINALLY things are calming down again.
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Dinner, Snacks

Easy Sheet Pan Nachos

14 September, 2016

sheet pan nachos

I’m not even sure why, but it seems like we’ve been really busy lately. And even on weekend nights, we’re like “What’s for dinner? Let’s just make something easy.” So these sheet pan nachos have wound up being our meal several times in the last few weeks.

They’re kinda perfect, because all you really need are tortilla chips, and then you can top them with whatever else you have around the house that may work! Josh and I luckily like a lot of the same things. With the exception of cilantro, which he piles on his nachos after they leave the pan. NOT BEFORE. I don’t want any little pieces of cilantro getting on my share of the nachos.
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Cocktail of the Week: The Bees Knees with Rosemary – now with 50% fewer bees!

10 September, 2016

rosemary bees knees cocktail

The Bees Knees is a cocktail we’ve made a thousand times at the Food Banjo HQ. So what’s all the buzz about now? Aimee had the bright idea of introducing rosemary into this gin and honey bevy. The result: more honey flavor and color without any of the bees!

You’ll need fresh rosemary for this recipe. Luckily, rosemary grows like a weed in most of North America and many front yards are littered with it. We took the dog for a walk up the block with a pair of scissors and foraged a few sprigs for the honey syrup and garnish from a neighbor’s yard.
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