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Easy Sheet Pan Nachos

14 September, 2016

sheet pan nachos

I’m not even sure why, but it seems like we’ve been really busy lately. And even on weekend nights, we’re like “What’s for dinner? Let’s just make something easy.” So these sheet pan nachos have wound up being our meal several times in the last few weeks.

They’re kinda perfect, because all you really need are tortilla chips, and then you can top them with whatever else you have around the house that may work! Josh and I luckily like a lot of the same things. With the exception of cilantro, which he piles on his nachos after they leave the pan. NOT BEFORE. I don’t want any little pieces of cilantro getting on my share of the nachos.
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Cocktail of the Week: The Bees Knees with Rosemary – now with 50% fewer bees!

10 September, 2016

rosemary bees knees cocktail

The Bees Knees is a cocktail we’ve made a thousand times at the Food Banjo HQ. So what’s all the buzz about now? Aimee had the bright idea of introducing rosemary into this gin and honey bevy. The result: more honey flavor and color without any of the bees!

You’ll need fresh rosemary for this recipe. Luckily, rosemary grows like a weed in most of North America and many front yards are littered with it. We took the dog for a walk up the block with a pair of scissors and foraged a few sprigs for the honey syrup and garnish from a neighbor’s yard.
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Slices of Life

Slices of Life – September

6 September, 2016

August seems to have flown by and now we’re already several days into September. Although this summer heat seems never ending, so maybe summer is sticking around for awhile.

Here are some slices of our life lately, as told through iPhone photos:

We visited the downtown farmers’ market and picked up some of these gorgeous leeks.

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Dinner, Soup

Fresh Corn Chowder with Bacon

2 September, 2016

corn chowder

Happy September! In most places that means cooler temps are here. Not so in Austin. It means hot 90 degree days are here for at least another month. But still, today I’m bringing you a soup. This is a good summer soup though. It uses fresh corn, cut right off the cob to make a chowder.
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Weekend Reads

Weekend Reading

27 August, 2016

hvar croatia

Hello! I wanted to share some weekend reads with you. You know, those posts that are perfect to look at on the weekend while you’re sitting in your favorite chair (or bed) with your cup of coffee by your side. Here are some reads I enjoyed this week:
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A Limoncello Goes a Long Way

26 August, 2016

homemade limoncello

Travelling in Italy, it’s common to receive a sipping glass of limoncello or grappa after a meal, while here in hot hot Texas it’s a nice way to cool down anytime of the day (I’m looking at you brunch)! Limoncello is naturally lemony, a bit sweet, a bit syrupy and best served uber cold. Making your own at home is easy and fun. It just takes some patience.
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