Beef Stew with Cheesy Polenta

6 January, 2017

Beef Stew with Cheesy Polenta

It’s pretty chilly here in Austin today. Bundle up with a coat, mittens, and a scarf-type of weather. And that winter citrus salad I posted earlier this week? Not gonna keep you warm. But this beef stew over cheesy polenta? Yes! Warming, filling, and so very tasty.

I first made this soup a few years ago. I remember the weather being very similar. It was cold. I didn’t want to do anything but stay indoors. And luckily, I had prepared ahead of time and gotten all the ingredients I needed to make this beef stew. And oh. It was so good. I’ve made it again and again and again since that date. And now I want to share it with you. So you can make it again and again and again.
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Breakfast, Salads

Winter Citrus Salad

3 January, 2017

winter citrus salad

Happy 2017!

Are you glad 2016 is over? I know I am. It was a rough year. We had some big losses, including both Josh’s father and my father. The whole year just seemed to have a heavy cloud hanging over it. And sometimes it just feels good for a fresh beginning. A new year full of hope. I’m happy to put 2016 behind us, and make some new, wonderful memories in 2017.

Along with a new year, comes resolutions for a lot of us! This year, my resolution is to focus on taking care of myself. What does that consist of?
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5 New Year’s Eve Cocktails

29 December, 2016

5 cocktails to make for New Year's Eve

Come on, guys. We know the real reason we all celebrate New Year’s Eve. It’s to drink those New Year’s Eve cocktails or champagne and feel fancy. But say you’re throwing a party and are not sure what to serve. You don’t just want to be cliche and serve champagne all night. But maybe you usually don’t make cocktails, so you’re at a loss.

Well then. We’ve got you covered because we’re experts in making cocktails we drink a lot. Here are five fantastic, tasty cocktails we made this year. Any of them would be perfect for your holiday party and are pretty easy to make.

Also, these fancy cocktails are all SO delicious so be careful. You or your friends may drink too many. Make sure to have a designated driver (I was the designated driver last New Year’s!), walk home, take public transit, or call a rideshare like Uber, Lyft, Fare, etc.
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White Chocolate Dipped Florentines (and a Giveaway)!

22 December, 2016

White Chocolate Florentines with Cranberry and Orange. Crispy and delicious!

This recipe is sponsored by Wheatsville Food Co-op

Christmas always seems to sneak up on me. The week of Thanksgiving, I’ll feel like Christmas is SO far away. Then suddenly Christmas is a few days away and I haven’t finished started shopping for presents and we haven’t gotten a tree or put out any of the decorations.

One thing that always makes it seem like Christmas though is making cookies. A few weeks ago, Josh made an orange and cranberry relish that I cannot stop thinking about. Those bright flavors were so drool-worthy. So I wanted to incorporate a bit of those flavors into a cookie. Enter… these florentines dipped in white chocolate with cranberry and orange.
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Meyer Lemon Drop Cocktail

9 December, 2016

meyer lemon drop cocktail

Fight boredom and scurvy with this citrusy cocktail.

You’ve heard me go on about lemony cocktails before, but this one is different! Meyer lemons are in season right now, and if you’ve always been meh about lemons because they remind you of furniture polish, I promise you’ll give it up for the lovely Meyer lemon.*
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Granola Breakfast Bowls with Pomegranate and Blackberries

6 December, 2016

granola breakfast bowl

Remember that easy pecan granola I made? Well I had to put it to good use. Eating granola on its own is not as enticing as eating it with some creamy yogurt and sweet, tart fruit. Added bonus? Every time I eat this, I feel SO healthy. Like I just did something good for my body. And I just love the explosion of those tiny pomegranate seeds when you bite into them.

It’s so easy, that it’s hard to even call it a recipe. It’s basically just an assembly recipe where you throw stuff together and don’t worry about measurements. If you already have the blackberries, pomegranate seeds, and granola, you can make this in like 2 minutes. If you want to make everything from scratch… well then it takes a little longer.
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