Granola Breakfast Bowls with Pomegranate and Blackberries

6 December, 2016

granola breakfast bowl

Remember that easy pecan granola I made? Well I had to put it to good use. Eating granola on its own is not as enticing as eating it with some creamy yogurt and sweet, tart fruit. Added bonus? Every time I eat this, I feel SO healthy. Like I just did something good for my body. And I just love the explosion of those tiny pomegranate seeds when you bite into them.

It’s so easy, that it’s hard to even call it a recipe. It’s basically just an assembly recipe where you throw stuff together and don’t worry about measurements. If you already have the blackberries, pomegranate seeds, and granola, you can make this in like 2 minutes. If you want to make everything from scratch… well then it takes a little longer.
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Candy Corner – White Rabbits

2 December, 2016

white rabbits

Why do I love you so much little White Rabbits? Is it your delicious marshmallowy flavor? Is it your inconsistent consistency – sometimes chewy, sometimes hard-as-rock? Is it your dual wrappers – one cute and protective and covered with bunnies, the other a dry, edible rice paper instantly melting upon contact with my salivating maw?
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Breakfast, Snacks

Easy Pecan Granola

1 December, 2016

pecan granola

Here in Texas, we have a lot of pecan trees. I remember my grandma had a big one in her yard, and when we were younger, we would pick the pecans off the grass, crack them with a nutcracker, and enjoy them as a snack.

I don’t have any pecan trees in my yard now, but there are a few here in the neighborhood. I accidentally stepped on a pecan the other day and thought about picking it up and eating it. But I didn’t, because I didn’t want literal street food that had touched the sole of my shoe. Luckily, it’s easy enough to buy a bag of already shelled pecans and use them in a bunch of dishes! I use them in salads, cookies, or just to snack on. But I really love them in granola. Those big pieces taste so good with the toasted oats and honey.
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Dinner, Snacks, Veggies

Sweet Potato Skins with Bacon and Cheese

21 November, 2016

sweet potato skins

It’s finally here! Thanksgiving week.

There is just something about Thanksgiving that I adore. Maybe it’s the food. Yeah, it’s probably all the food. But I also just love that there are no presents to open, no Easter egg hunt, no fireworks. The holiday is all about just hanging out with family and friends. And if your Thanksgiving is anything like mine, that means it usually involves lots of wine and champagne. And THREE kinds of pie.
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Last Word Cocktail

8 November, 2016

last word cocktail

I think today we could all use a drink. A lot of us will be biting our nails throughout the day, waiting in long lines to vote, and anxiously awaiting the results. So let’s talk about what to drink.

Guys, this cocktail is dangerous. There’s a reason the word “last” is in the title of the drink. This is the LAST drink you should have of the evening. Because after that you’re done.
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A Trip to Franklin Barbecue

2 November, 2016

franklin bbq line

We had to do it. We had to wait in the Franklin Barbecue line once in our life and have that delicious, delicious barbecue.

And we did. While on our little staycation last week, we decided we needed to do this. On Tuesday, we planned on getting there early, but due to some complications (our dog getting skunk smell on her), we left our house a little later than planned. We decided we would drive by the line, and if it was too long, we’d get coffee and then head to IKEA. It was a little too long.
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