Soft Scrambled Eggs with Green Onions

12 January, 2018

Scrambled Eggs with Green Onions

Sometimes simplicity is best. I love recipes that aren’t overly complicated. Especially now with a new baby that is still demanding the majority of my attention. If I can whip something up in 5 minutes? Perfect.

Enter these scrambled eggs. They are light, fluffy, and the green onions add something special.

What inspired this recipe was a trip to the farmer’s market here in downtown Austin. We wound up spotting these beautiful green onions. They were so fresh, and I knew they would accompany scrambled eggs perfectly. A match made in breakfast heaven.
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Dinner, Soup

Kale, Sausage, and White Bean Soup

4 December, 2017

Kale, Sausage, and White Bean Soup

Where does the time go? I can’t believe it’s almost December and Zara is almost 3 months old.

With a new baby, I’ve been trying to make meals I can do in parts. And simmer until I can put the baby down and actually eat. This sausage and kale soup is one of those meals.

And it doesn’t use many ingredients, which means it is easy to make.

Bonus? This soup is delicious.
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A Trip to Bougie’s Donuts

13 November, 2017

bougies donuts in austin, texas

I love donuts. So much.

I don’t have a big sweet tooth. Many times I can have a couple of bites of a dessert and be good. But donuts. Donuts are different. I could eat 10 donuts. Of course, not all donuts are created equal. Some are sooo light and airy you feel you barely ate one. Some are crazy-sweet with sugary icing. Some have cereal as a topping. But one of my favorites is one that strikes a nice balance in between. Substantial enough to fill you up. Delicious enough to impart flavor, and not just sweetness. And Bougie’s Donuts do exactly that.
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Marker 10 – Dining On the Lakeshore

26 October, 2017


Full Disclosure: We attended a complimentary tasting at Marker 10. All opinions are our own.

Like many of the great cities of the world, Austin rests on the banks of a beautiful river (alright, they call it a lake here, but that’s a whole other blog post). The Colorado River meanders easterly to the pleasure of those paddleboarding, kayaking, or cruising along the trail lining its beautiful banks.

But do you know what all those other cities have that Austin doesn’t have? A bitchin’ place to eat and drink while watching couples on first dates awkwardly navigate giant swan paddle boats upstream! Well, it turns out, there is such a place and it’s been right under our collective noses the entire time.
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Baby Stuff

Zara – One Month

19 October, 2017

Zara turned a month old last week!

How has this first month been? Pretty great, but pretty busy. The days and nights all seem to blend together. I constantly find myself wondering what day of the week is it.

As I am writing this, it’s 11:30 am, I’m in my pajamas still, drinking coffee, and realizing I won’t get a break to shower until after 1 pm at the earliest.
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Breakfast, Drinks, Snacks

Tropical Smoothie with Pineapple

28 September, 2017

tropical smoothie

As we’re taking care of our new baby over the next few months, get ready for some easy recipes. Here is one that could NOT be easier. A tropical smoothie. Throw ingredients into a blender, blend, pour into glasses, enjoy. Luckily, it’s also delicious.

For our baby shower a few months ago, we had pineapples for decor. I loved the idea of this, because I knew after the shower, we could cut them up and freeze them. And we did! Josh made a pineapple sorbet (yum!) with one of the pineapples, but the others are in the freezer, just waiting for smoothie-making days.
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