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Guide to iPhone Food Photography

19 August, 2016


iPhone and mobile photography has become a pretty big deal. It lets us capture moments when we are out and about without having to lug around a giant camera. And, if you’re like me, taking photos with an iPhone makes me feel a lot less annoying to my fellow diners. Sure, I still make them wait for me to snap a photo before we eat, but at least I’m (usually) not lugging out my giant camera most of the time, standing on chairs to get the right angle. I save that for my professional photo shoots!
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Migas Breakfast Tacos

17 August, 2016

migas tacos

If you don’t live in Austin, let me just clue you in on one thing: breakfast tacos are kinda a big deal here. I love all kinds of breakfast tacos. Sometimes I get egg and chorizo, sometimes bean and cheese, sometimes bacon, avocado, egg, and cheese. But really, one of the best kind are migas tacos.
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Sound and Cinema at the Long Center

10 August, 2016

sound and cinema

A few weeks ago, Josh and I headed over to the Long Center lawn for Sound and Cinema. It’s an event where a band comes out and plays and then at sunset, a movie is projected onto a giant screen. That week, they were showing a Master Pancake (where three comedians mock the movie) of Footloose. So great and funny!
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Strawberries and Whipped Cream

9 August, 2016

strawberries and whipped cream

Mmm… strawberries and whipped cream.

So, sometimes you want to go all out with a recipe. Something with multiple steps that really looks impressive. And sometimes you’ve spent the day at work, driven home in an hour’s worth of traffic, and just want something simple. Enter this strawberries and whipped cream dessert. You’ll feel like you’re treating yourself with only a tiny bit of effort on your part.
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Heeeey Caipirinha!

4 August, 2016


Hey kids! A summer sporting event is coming, so you know what that means! We’re going to learn a bit about the host country – Brazil! Specifically we’re going to learn two words: Cachaça and Caipirinha. Cachaça (pronounced ka-CHA-sah) is a Portuguese alcohol derived from sugar cane juice. To me it smells a bit like tequila, but tastes more like rum. Why is this important?  Well it’s so we can feel like we’re learning something while we make Caipirinhas!
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