Not Associated with that Summer Athletic Competition Parallelemon Bars

11 August, 2016

lemon bars

Here at the Food Banjo we’ve been banging our heads together to come up with some summer games themed blog posts. You might remember the caipirinha recipe we posted last week. Well, it’s a good thing we started with a cocktail recipe. If it weren’t for having to perfect that one, then we would never have come up with…wait for it…Parallelemon Bars!

In honor of the male gymnastic apparatus (shout out!) we’ve basically made lemon bars and transformed them almost completely by changing the name slightly. Brilliant, right?

We haven’t even altered our favorite lemon bar recipe from America’s Test Kitchen (the recipe is on their site behind a pay wall #sadface). It’s really lemony without being too sour thanks to the addition of some butter and cream, and they’re super simple to make.

If you do make these tasty treats, feel free to serve them with the Parallelemon Bar name. We promise not to send our corporate lawyers after you.

lemon bars

lemon bars

lemon bars

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