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Tropical Smoothie with Pineapple

28 September, 2017

tropical smoothie

As we’re taking care of our new baby over the next few months, get ready for some easy recipes. Here is one that could NOT be easier. A tropical smoothie. Throw ingredients into a blender, blend, pour into glasses, enjoy. Luckily, it’s also delicious.

For our baby shower a few months ago, we had pineapples for decor. I loved the idea of this, because I knew after the shower, we could cut them up and freeze them. And we did! Josh made a pineapple sorbet (yum!) with one of the pineapples, but the others are in the freezer, just waiting for smoothie-making days.
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Baby Stuff

Hello Baby

26 September, 2017

We welcomed our daughter on September 13th! So now she’s almost two weeks old. It’s hard to believe, as these two weeks feel like they have gone by in a blur.

We’re so happy to have our baby around and finally meet her. She is super active. Always moving her arms and legs. Which makes sense, because she was very active in my belly too. Always kicking and moving.

She likes cuddling and being held. She likes being swaddled. She likes staring at us. She likes her carseat and car and stroller rides. She does not like having her clothes or diaper changed.

And now we’ve completely forgotten what it’s like to have free time, a full night of sleep, being able to easily leave the house, or how to enjoy a meal that isn’t interrupted by baby cries. But it’s worth it. And while it is exhausting, it’s getting better every day as we figure out this parenthood thing more and more.

Weekend Reads

Hello Weekend

22 September, 2017


Hello weekend and hello first day of autumn! These days, the weekdays and weekends kind of are blurring together. Why is that? Well, we had our baby girl last week! She came a week early.

So now it’s days and nights of naps, figuring out food, laundry, keeping the house in some sense of order, and trying to get enough sleep. As first-time parents, we’re just trying to figure everything out right now and retain some sense of sanity.

More on baby stuff in an upcoming post and we’ll share some photos of our daughter… and not of cheeseburgers. But for now… some weekend links!

Here are a few links for your Friday –

  • Way to go, Austin food bloggers and bakers! If I hadn’t been so pregnant… and then taking care of a newborn, I would have participated in this fundraising event. I’ve cooked for and volunteered at past Austin Bakes events, and it’s so nice to be able to donate time to a good cause.
  • During my pregnancy, I had to always make sure I was eating lot of protein. But now, I can eat more veggie-centric recipes and so many things look delicious on this list of 32 fall recipes with no meat or dairy.
  • How relaxing does Brooklyn Supper’s vacation to Prince Edward Island look? 
  • Interesting article on why Paris will be the first post-car metropolis

Tomato and Hummus Toast with Fresh Basil

7 September, 2017

Tomato Hummus Toast

So Labor Day has come and gone. For a lot of people, Labor Day signifies the end of summer. And a lot of people miss those summer days. Relaxing, warm weather, vacations, etc.

But not me and not this year. First of all, in Austin, summer means temperatures of 100+ degrees many days. Which makes being outside almost unbearable unless you are relaxing in a pool. Second of all, September means baby month around here! And we are so excited to meet our little girl.
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Weekend Reads

Hello Weekend

18 August, 2017

What a week. It’s hard to know what to even say with all that is happening in the world. So I’ll just share some links, hope this weekend is better, and surround myself with love.

Here are a few links for your Friday:


Gooey Confetti Cake Bars

17 August, 2017

Gooey Confetti Cake Bars

So let’s talk about these gooey confetti cake bars. I first made these for a family Thanksgiving last year. They seemed to be a hit, and were so easy to make. Then, a couple of months ago, I had a potluck work event coming up. Being the tired pregnant lady that I am, I wanted to make something I knew was good, but didn’t require much effort.

So I made these cake bars a second time. Coworkers kept telling me how tasty they were, and they disappeared rather quickly.
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