Weekend Reads

Weekend Reading

27 August, 2016

hvar croatia

Hello! I wanted to share some weekend reads with you. You know, those posts that are perfect to look at on the weekend while you’re sitting in your favorite chair (or bed) with your cup of coffee by your side. Here are some reads I enjoyed this week:

  • Even if you don’t have kids, this is still a fantastic, funny read.
  • It’s still scorching hot in Austin and fall is so far in the future, but once it gets a little cooler, I want to make this.
  • There’s a planet similar to Earth just outside our Solar System. Weekend trip, anyone?
  • The National Parks Service is celebrating it’s 100th anniversary, and I love these vintage photos of the parks.
  • Let’s all move abroad

I’ve seen so many photos of Croatia showing up in my Instagram feed, and it makes me want to go back! We went there for our honeymoon two years ago and it was so dreamy. The photo above is from our visit to the island of Hvar.

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