A Trip to Franklin Barbecue

2 November, 2016

franklin bbq line

We had to do it. We had to wait in the Franklin Barbecue line once in our life and have that delicious, delicious barbecue.

And we did. While on our little staycation last week, we decided we needed to do this. On Tuesday, we planned on getting there early, but due to some complications (our dog getting skunk smell on her), we left our house a little later than planned. We decided we would drive by the line, and if it was too long, we’d get coffee and then head to IKEA. It was a little too long.

So Wednesday we got to the line a little after 9am for the 11am opening. And it was perfect! We pulled up, I hopped out of the car to hold our spot, and Josh parked the car and brought over lawn chairs. We had a nice time for a few hours relaxing, reading, and drinking coffee. I don’t know how people wait in this line during the summer, but in early fall, it was felt wonderful. You can see where we were in the line in the photo above(Josh is giving me a thumbs up). The line goes under the building a bit and winds around a staircase, so we were further back than it looks there.

The Franklin Barbecue people were great! They came out at one point to let us know when we were projected to eat based on where we were in the line. They told us between 12:30 and 1pm. (Luckily, we ate closer to 12:15). They also took everyone’s meat orders, so they would know if they would run out or not.

At 11am, they opened the doors and the line started moving. The anticipation grew.

Finally, we entered the restaurant, ordered our food and settled at a table outside and then ate as much as we could. We took home the rest, and it lasted us two more meals! Yum.

We ordered: 1 lb of brisket (lean and fatty.. I think we both preferred the lean), 1/2 lb pulled pork, 3 sausage links, 3 ribs, cole slaw, beans, and a bourbon banana pie.

THIS is how you staycation properly in Austin.


aimee and josh

franklin barbecue

franklin barbecue

franklin barbecue

franklin barbecue

franklin barbecue

franklin barbecue

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