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Hello Baby

26 September, 2017

We welcomed our daughter on September 13th! So now she’s almost two weeks old. It’s hard to believe, as these two weeks feel like they have gone by in a blur.

We’re so happy to have our baby around and finally meet her. She is super active. Always moving her arms and legs. Which makes sense, because she was very active in my belly too. Always kicking and moving.

She likes cuddling and being held. She likes being swaddled. She likes staring at us. She likes her carseat and car and stroller rides. She does not like having her clothes or diaper changed.

And now we’ve completely forgotten what it’s like to have free time, a full night of sleep, being able to easily leave the house, or how to enjoy a meal that isn’t interrupted by baby cries. But it’s worth it. And while it is exhausting, it’s getting better every day as we figure out this parenthood thing more and more.

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