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Hello Weekend

22 September, 2017


Hello weekend and hello first day of autumn! These days, the weekdays and weekends kind of are blurring together. Why is that? Well, we had our baby girl last week! She came a week early.

So now it’s days and nights of naps, figuring out food, laundry, keeping the house in some sense of order, and trying to get enough sleep. As first-time parents, we’re just trying to figure everything out right now and retain some sense of sanity.

More on baby stuff in an upcoming post and we’ll share some photos of our daughter… and not of cheeseburgers. But for now… some weekend links!

Here are a few links for your Friday –

  • Way to go, Austin food bloggers and bakers! If I hadn’t been so pregnant… and then taking care of a newborn, I would have participated in this fundraising event. I’ve cooked for and volunteered at past Austin Bakes events, and it’s so nice to be able to donate time to a good cause.
  • During my pregnancy, I had to always make sure I was eating lot of protein. But now, I can eat more veggie-centric recipes and so many things look delicious on this list of 32 fall recipes with no meat or dairy.
  • How relaxing does Brooklyn Supper’s vacation to Prince Edward Island look? 
  • Interesting article on why Paris will be the first post-car metropolis

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