A Trip to Bougie’s Donuts

13 November, 2017

bougies donuts in austin, texas

I love donuts. So much.

I don’t have a big sweet tooth. Many times I can have a couple of bites of a dessert and be good. But donuts. Donuts are different. I could eat 10 donuts. Of course, not all donuts are created equal. Some are sooo light and airy you feel you barely ate one. Some are crazy-sweet with sugary icing. Some have cereal as a topping. But one of my favorites is one that strikes a nice balance in between. Substantial enough to fill you up. Delicious enough to impart flavor, and not just sweetness. And Bougie’s Donuts do exactly that.

I had heard such great things about Bougie’s Donuts. So finally, Halloween morning, Josh and I grabbed our baby and trekked off for donuts. We knew we needed to try a few. We got a combination of cake and yeast donuts and fritters. While I’m usually a yeast donut fan, I have to admit, the cake donuts were pretty tasty too. I think my favorites were the apple fritter, the Strawberry Homer (yeast donut with strawberry¬†icing and sprinkles), and the double berry, which is a blueberry cake donut with strawberry icing and topped with blueberries.

I can’t wait to return to Bougie’s so I can try more flavors! I really want to try the donut cinnamon roll and whatever seasonal flavor they have at the time.

bougies donuts in austin, texas bougies donuts in austin, texas bougies donuts in austin, texas bougies donuts in austin, texas

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