A Trip to Jo’s Downtown

4 April, 2017

Jo's Coffee in Downtown Austin

Sometimes on dogwalking adventures we don’t just stay on South Congress. Many times we find ourselves venturing all the way downtown for breakfast.

When this happens, one of our go-to spots is Jo’s Downtown. They also have a South Congress location, but the downtown one has a full kitchen, which means more food options!

I absolutely love to get their migas taco. It’s just the perfect balance of EVERYTHING. Toasted flour tortilla, eggs, cheese, jalepenos, salsa, etc. My love for all things savory could eat three of these in one sitting. Luckily, I practice restraint and just order one. And then regret not ordering three.

Josh usually gets a bowl of their granola. It comes with fresh berries and yogurt that is just the perfect creaminess and tartness. It’s delicious and healthy.

And their drinks. Let’s talk about those. They have a lot of different coffee drinks you can get, but my favorite things are their lemonades, teas, and Italian sodas. Pictured below¬†are the lemonade and the Laura Palmer (hibiscus tea + lemonade). If you live in Austin and haven’t tried the Laura Palmer, go to Jo’s soon and try it! So good. It’s a great balance of fruitiness and tartness.

Jo's Coffee in Downtown Austin

Jo's Coffee Downtown

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