A Trip to June’s All Day

26 May, 2017

June's All Day in Austin, Texas

This month, we’ve had a lot of fun stuff happening! We celebrated our third wedding anniversary, Josh had a birthday, and I had a birthday. May is always a fun month for us, even if it winds up being busy with celebrations.

For Josh’s birthday, we decided to try out a new place in our neighborhood called June’s All Day. It recently was on Food & Wine’s list of best restaurants. What sold us though? Half price on ALL their food during happy hour (which runs from 4-6pm, everyday).

We headed over around 4:30, with the intention of sitting outdoors, sidewalk cafe style. Unfortunately, there were some heavy rain clouds, and all the tables that were under the protected awning were already occupied, leaving only the ones under the umbrellas. So we opted to sit indoors, but next to a window, so at least we could get some nice daylight views.

Moments after we sat down, it started raining and we could see the tables under the umbrellas get soaked. Good decision by us not sitting there!

Josh got the gin cocktail and we wound up ordering a few appetizers (salt cod croquettes and pickled mushrooms) that were delicious! And we got the bread. Always say yes to the bread.

I can’t wait to go back soon and snag one of the seats outside!

June's All Day in Austin, Texas June's All Day in Austin, Texas June's All Day in Austin, Texas

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