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Yummy Movies on Netflix in August

2 August, 2016

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Do you like movies? Do you love food? Well there’s a genre for you that blends two great tastes together!

What makes a good food movie? It should make you hungry. The delicious dishes should leap off the screen. Going beyond being just another prop, the food should be a character of the movie. Like Water for Chocolate is a great food movie. The Big Night is a great food movie. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castlenot a food movie.

At any time, Netflix has a revolving library of of about 7,000 movies and television shows, making it harder to find a specific genre of movie. Nerds to the rescue! Now you can enter a code to find very specific movie genres. Today we’re reviewing a few movies from the Critically Acclaimed Movies about Food category (

The Trip & The Trip to Italy  I’m starting with two of our favorites in case you’re more of a watcher than a reader. Follow British comedian icon Steve Coogan and friend go on a culinary road trip through the British countryside (The Trip) and then further their adventure in Tuscany and Rome (The Trip to Italy). These two movies are not quite documentaries, not mockumentaries, but semi-autobiographical faux docs(?) and are the most rewatched at the Food Banjo corporate office. The food and wine are palatable, but you keep watching for the impromptu banter between these two friends/rivals. 5 out of 5 banjos

The Search for General Tso – A tasty trip through time, diving into a popular Chinese dish and the many cultures behind it. But mostly we watch perplexed Chinese citizens chuckle at a dish, like the fortune cookie, that is almost completely unknown outside of the States. I defy you to watch this doc and not crave some Chinese takeout. 3 out of 5 banjos

Jiro Dreams of Sushi – A beautiful movie about the dedicated mastery of sushi making. Like many documentaries, this one makes you feel that if you could just stick to one thing your whole life, you might actually be great at something. Even though it’s just an hour and twenty minutes, it would’ve been better as a 30-minute short. 4 out of 5 banjos

Chef – A cute, star-studded indie featuring a food truck and a lot of those hip, food trailer cities you keep hearing about (including SoCo Austin). I liked it well enough, but it’s less of a food movie, and more of a food trailer movie. It’s an authentic look at what Jon Favreau thinks food trailer culture is like and that’s just fine. 3 out of 5 banjos


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